Dear customer, dear PepperSäck fan


Thank you very much for your interest for our products.


We are a small, new, dynamic, ambitious and innovative team that joined the international competition with our premium production as a start-up company and brand PepperSäck in 2013. Our enthusiasm stems from a true belief in being part of something good and extraordinary.


6 values form the elementary components of our philosophy – sustainability, ethic, quality, innovation, performance and emotion – and these in that order. Our applied standards are relentless and our methods in turn incomparable. Our upmost concern is sustainability by minimising our ecological footprint, conserving natural resources and producing climate neutrally with 100% recyclable and ethically correct materials. We care about the environment and produce by means of sustainable energy sources according to the strict ISO – regulations and requirements. 


Players from across the world, from beginners to world-class, from juniors to seniors play and love Peppersäck products. They share our passion of possessing something extraordinary and incomparable. We would be pleased to share this passion with you.


Our distribution network is constantly being enlarged. But it is our endeavour to concentrate on carefully selected specialists, dealers, players and customers, who fit in with us. As a small Swiss company we feel no need to serve the mass market. 


Don’t be satisfied with minimum standards. You deserve a product made with high-quality resources and craftsmanship and maximum performance because of our know-how.  Leading competence in technological development and innovation are our demands. Ethic and sustainability are our concerns! Join us in our quest to cause a sensation!